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Psychological counselling

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Psychological counseling with clinical psychologist


In modern society, people have to face to many difficult things which might lead to the stress. Especially the expats who work oversea away from home they have to overcome themselve some troubles of working environment, relationships with people around, daily activities and stress of job responsibilities and cultrure shock.  We all have negative impression about stress, however, a little pressure could become working motivation.

Psychological related diseases are invisible and not easy to be defined, however they can be prevented by observing behavior and health condition. When having insomnia, poor appetite, beside internal examination, people should visit psychiatrist. In addition, when seeing people who have symptoms such as: waking up late regularly, making mistakes at work frequently, poor memory, drinking too much alcohol, you should suggest them to meet psychiatrist to avoid more severe condition. According to psychiatrists, people should have psychological check-up after 3-6 months working oversea.


Many people may feel ashamed to visit medical facilities for “Psychological Counseling”, therefore, we provide psychological counseling services via Skype…. It is our pleasure to contribute to your life quality.


Psychological Counseling for women and children


In recent years, it is important to pay attention to psychological counseling for female employees who are assigned to work oversea. The difference in time zone leads to disruption of circadian rhythms, other factors like working pressure, relationships with new friends and colleagues, differences in lifestyle, culture, and climate change could lead to human psyche injuries. The housewives take care of family members and their health. However, these jobs repeat again and again which could cause boredom, irritability and insomnia condition. For students, they often deal with a lot of psychological problems such as pressure on education, score or activities, relationships with friends of the same and different genders. Furthermore, students, who are in this age, often have complicated mentality, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention and find out abnormalities for prompt treatment.

Are you suffering alone? Have you ever been hurt when talking to someone but could not find the explanation? 

Our experienced psychiatrist will listen to your troubles, together deal with your mental problems. We concern about mental health care for everybody from employees, housewives, children, elementary school students, high school students ... etc.

Please let us know your worries, even the smallest one. We will improve step by step together.


Psychological Counseling Appointment


Our psychiatrist will come and work in Vietnam once a month.

Subjects: employees, housewives, teenagers, students and pupils.

Counseling time: 50 – 60 minutes per time.

Counseling fee: 150 USD per time.

Call us at: 04-3661-1919
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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