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H.Pylori testing

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H.Hylori bacteria test and gastric cancer


Every year in Japan, there are about 5 million deaths by cancer. However, if we look at cases which are diagnosed and treated early, the prognosis will be very good. There are over 95% of patients could survive additional 5 years or more. Moreover, thanks to advances in cancer treatment in Japan, the additional 5-year survival rate in Japan has increased to over 60%, significantly higher than the rate of 20% in Europe and the US.


In Japan, the rate of H. pylori infection is only about 10% in the age of 10 ~ 20, but up to 70% in the age of over 65. The formation of H. pylori bacteria since childhood causes stomach infections, if the condition still lasts in a long time, it may lead to stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers and gastric polyps which increase the possibility of gastric cancer. The possibility of gastric cancer in H. pylori non-infected people is very low, even with cases of H. pylori infection, the risk of having gastric cancer will be prevented if they are treated radically.


Breath test to detect H. pylori bacteria


Our clinic have the service of detecting H. pylori bacteria via breath. After 6 hours of diet and medication restriction, it takes only about 20 minutes of breath test to detect H. pylori bacteria with high precision. If having positive result, the patient should require gastroscopy.


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