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Industrial practice

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Contribute to your health safety


Our experienced doctors check both children and adults, diagnose and tak steps to treat a wide range of ailment including common diseases, i.e., flu, enterocolitis, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other ones, i.e., appendicitis, liver diseases, urethral stones, cervical spondylosis, eczema, etc.


Industrial practice is providing medical service for enterprises as private doctors of the company


We, as private doctors of the company, would provide instruction and specialized consulting of doctors with purpose of guaranteeyour health safety and contribute to the community healthcare service system. Furthermore, with medical service for enterprises, we expect to contribute to the safe working environment for both physical and mental health of each individual labor in your company. According to the Safety and Labor Law in 2014, a company that has more than 50 staffs must have compulsory annual stress check. This proves that solutions for suicide caused by stress and improvement for workers’ mental health are now urgently necessary. By industrial practice, we provide variety of medical service for foreign labors who are living and working in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

With clinical specialists as well as psychiatrists that are Qualified Occupational Physician and doctors from healthcare associations, we are willing to give our best effort to support physical and mental health of foreign labor force to avoid any violation due to high pressure at work place.


Mission of industrial practice


-  Be responsible for labor’s healthcare

-  Raise awareness of healthcare at workplace due to health education

-  Consult about working environment management


  •  A major role in creating an effective working environment that guarantee healthcare for workers.
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